Sam's L33t Journal

(May Be a Secret Master Plan)

10 July 1986
I am logical, creative, intelligent, foolish, fun-loving, serious, oblivious, incisive, persistent, and lazy. I am idealistic, hopeful, l33t, and sometimes a bit insane.

I am an itinerant philosopher, an erstwhile minion, an errant doomsayer, an ex-spokes-hippie, a rampant meme complex, a determined adhocrat, a radical sympathizer, a late early-adopter, an inexperienced extrovert, a humanitarian would-be cyborg, a perpetual student, a media junkie, a shuffling contradiction.

My secret identity has not yet been revealed.

I have migrated this journal to Dreamwidth and I am posting there now, but am still cross-posting for now. Comments have been migrated there and are disabled here. When someone I follow posts both places, I'm reading that only on DW where possible.

I'm also currently writing an essay blog at ComplexMeme (complexmeme).

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