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Hard on the Brain, Easier on the Liver

(If alcohol is involved, possibly the other way around?)

At any rate, I saw Prometheus Sunday evening, and it was a pretty bad movie. (Alternately, "A pretty, bad movie.")

It is indeed pretty (mostly). And the symbolism is pretty great.

It's just that the characters are so stupid and poorly characterized (with the notable exception of David/Fassbender), in a way that really ruins it as that sort of monster-horror film. What makes such a film interesting, I think, is that eventually characters become aware of the monster, and then start trying to do smart things (which in practice may in fact be dumb but are interestingly in-character) to defeat or escape the monster, with mixed success. Even if convention demands certain ultimate outcomes, particular encounters with the monster may still be in doubt. Except in Prometheus, they never are. Characters are either incredibly dumb for no reason (mysterious alien organism, let's poke it!), or smart but self-sacrificing, or wearing the designated survivor sign from way too early on.

It's fine, and probably more-or-less worth seeing if you're a fan of the Alien series. But no big deal if you miss it.
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