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Ongoing Fun!

Two weekends ago: Whale watching with Julie's lab cohort (quite a sight to see the humpbacks playing), Sunday brunch, saw Headhunters (suspense-thriller about a corporate headhunter who moonlights as an art thief, thought it was okay), gin and tonics made with Ethereal Gin (Batch 5) and Q Tonic, and a dinner in JP.

Last weekend: The American Craft Beer Festival (interesting and tasty), a trip to NYC with Julie to see some shows with her dad (a great small-box production of "The Fantasticks" and saw "The Book of Mormon" (hilarious, brilliant, and about as irreverent and lewd as you'd expect from anything by Parker and Stone)), and a fancy English tea.

This week: MIT commencement stuff!
Tags: beer, boston, drink, food, friends, movies, nyc, self, theater
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